I'm in love with all the orange trees just hanging out in people's yards here in CA, so I wanted to make a print that makes me feel as summery as those trees. 
 I really enjoy citrus. Even when I have to slice it to make my dinner tastier. 
 Started doing #inktober while watching Over the Garden Wall and then couldn't keep up. Fun to try new styles and new tools. Can't say enough about the Muji brush pen. 
 Potential pin design of a trash panda aka raccoon
 I just started playing an RPG with a couple of pals so, in preparation, I got way too excited and designed original characters for everyone and made music on a Roli block and bought a ukulele because my character (top left, the gnome) is a bard and I'm learning how to play it now.   Note: Several months later the top right character has left the game, the bottom left was sliced in half up and down, and top left (me) and my adoptive sister (bottom right) ran off into the sunset together. I can play 3 chords on the ukulele. 
 Working on a series of typographic treatments/experimenting with new tools to celebrate of Montreal's newest album, Innocence Reaches. The pieces in this series are my interpretations of each song on the album.
Tarot Deck
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